How to build a V taper

How to build a v taper

A solid v taper, with a big back and a small waist, is a dream to almost 95 % of gym guys.
Thick back, small waist and broad shoulders are ideal since Eugene Sandow.
Having a v taper looks great, improves your posture, it will boost your performance, and you will look like some Greek mythology hero. If you are looking to build a solid v taper, then you are in the right place.
But first, some important things to says before we move on to exercises.
It won’t happen overnight,you need to be consistent, be in a caloric surplus, eat a healthy diet with a lot of protein, and get enough sleep.

Now we move on to the muscles who are responsible for big v taper.

Back muscles

When we speak about back muscles for this particular theme, the two most important one are lats and upper back. They are your foundation of wide physique, especially lats. Many people think that shoulders are most important for wide physique, and yes they are important in some degree but think about this, how much “meat“ you can put on side delt which is relatively  a small muscle, in over a course of 2 years, and how much muscles you can put on a big muscle group such as lats in the same amount of time ? Think about that…
So if you want to build a big back, you need to train it 2-3 times per weak, focusing on heavy compound movements, doing them with good form, progressing on them over time, which means adding weight over time without sacrificing the form.

Lats-two most beneficial exercises for lats, in my opinion, are pullups, and underhand lat pulldowns. Pullups are by far superior to pulldowns, and when you add weight on them they are a killer. Start to add weight around the waist, when you can easily perform 10 good pullups.
Underhand lat pulldowns are great for lower lat development and the most important thing when doing them is to lower the bar to the chest, not to the clavicle or neck. Do them after pullups, or on the days when you are not doing pullups.
Upper back-upper back will give you that thickness in the back region, and that strong look, especially in shirts. Two best exercises are bent over barbell row, and deadlifts.
Before you start to put weight on these exercises, master the form, especially on deadlifts because the risk of injury is great when you do them with bad form.


Broad shoulders give you that alpha look, and they look badass on everyone. Also, you need strong and stable shoulders to prevent any injuries.
In my opinion, the best shoulder exercise is any kind of free weight shoulder pressing, such as standing barbell press or dumbbell press. Personally I prefer the standing one-arm press with a dumbbell because it gives your shoulders good stability, and it works your core and obliques very well.
The second exercise is a dumbbell lateral raise, and it is an accessory exercise. It is great for building that side delt, just don’t bounce when you do them, keep the good form, and don’t put to much weight too soon.
Train your shoulders 2-3 times per week, focus on good form, and progress with weights over time.


A pair of big traps give you that masculine look and enhances the V taper.
The best exercises are deadlifts and shrugs. If you have lagging traps, do them directly  2-3 times per week, but if your traps grow just fine, do them 1-2 times per week.


If you want a good V taper, then a big waist and too much stomach fat are a no-no.
So if you have excess body fat, drop it down and your V taper will expand just by doing that.
Crunches, leg raises, and russian twists are great for building that strong look midsection, but if you have too much fat on your stomach it won’t be visible.

To summarize all, focus on building a big back, shoulders, and traps, drop down your body fat, be patient, work consistently, eat well, sleep enough and the results will come.

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